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Suspect Caught Smashing Car Window

Posted by ThriveAdmin on Apr 8, 2021

Just before three in the morning, a white car carrying two individuals pulled into a parking spot at a Houston apartment community. One of the suspects, wearing dark clothing and light-colored gloves, exited the vehicle. The person approached a dark pick-up truck and smashed in a window on the passenger side. This allowed the suspect to crawl inside the truck.

One of our Stealth security operators was watching and immediately contacted police.

A second suspect could be seen waiting outside the truck, collecting some items the first perpetrator was retrieving from inside the vehicle. Both people then returned to their car and drove away.

Officers arrived on the scene just as the suspects were fleeing. We were informed that police did apprehend the suspects out of camera view.

If this scene is a familiar one at your multifamily community, it may be time to re-think your security solution. Live video monitoring combines human intelligence with advanced technology to watch for crimes in progress. Trained security operators, who are monitoring the live surveillance cameras, can respond as soon as they see something.

Because we are watching in real time, police know there is a crime happening, so they tend to escalate the priority level of the call. This often means officers are on the scene while the suspects are still there or close by.

If you would like more information about a proactive security solution for your community, contact us.