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Suspect Pries Open Perimeter Fence | Stealth Monitoring

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Feb 7, 2019

Our trained security operators spotted an individual trying
to force his way into a construction site in Langley, British Columbia. The
operator activated the on-site speaker warning, which the suspect ignored.

The tenacious trespasser managed to pry open the fence to
gain access into the property. Again, the operator activated the warning, which
again was ignored. The operator then contacted the police.

Responding officers arrived, entered the site and found the
suspect. They escorted him from the property and placed him under arrest.

Perimeter fences are a great first-line of
defense on a construction site. They send a clear message that the area is
off-limits. However, a fence by itself often isn’t enough to keep determined
criminals out. Stealth’s live video monitoring solution helps maintain a secure
environment while safeguarding perimeters, equipment and other valuable assets.
We even have cameras that can capture activity from hundreds of feet away and
zoom in to see clear, detailed images.