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TKO in the Parking Lot

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Apr 22, 2021

About 11:45 one night, a fight broke out in the parking lot of a Georgia apartment community. One of our Stealth Monitoring security operators saw the action and called local authorities. First responders arrived on the scene. One individual was wheeled away on a stretcher. Police officers could be seen handcuffing another person and placing the individual into their patrol car.

No one wants to live where they don’t feel safe. When residents and/or visitors fight on your property it can make the other tenants uneasy. When that happens, they may choose to move elsewhere, which can do a number on your NOI.

You can enhance your security strategy with live video monitoring from Stealth. We watch your multifamily property when you’re not there, to help deter unwanted activity in real time. That means sounding on-site audio warnings and calling local police.

When people know someone is watching your community, they will be less likely to cause damage or commit a crime on your property. Additionally, when your cameras are being watched live, it increases the chances that police will arrive while the suspects are still on your property.

If you are having any issues with trespassers, loiterers, property damage, break-ins, theft or any other type of unwanted activity and would like information about a proactive solution, contact us.