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Transient Loiterer Gets Medical Attention

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Mar 17, 2021

Around 10:30 one night, an individual was seen sleeping on the side of a Dallas shopping center. A Stealth Monitoring security operator was watching and activated the on-site speaker, alerting the person to leave the property. When the suspect didn’t respond to the warning, our operator contacted local authorities. Within minutes EMS arrived on the property, followed by police. The individual was treated and escorted off the property.

Property owners encounter many issues when dealing with the homeless. This includes vandalism, loitering, theft, unauthorized use of the property’s facilities and a mess left from trash. This can all make tenants and their staff feel unsafe, which could affect your NOI.

Stealth watches your property in real time when you’re not there to help deter unwanted activity. We have been effective at getting rid of crime by proactively monitoring cameras for up to 60% less than traditional security guards.

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