Trespasser Arrested from Porta Potty

Shortly before midnight, a Stealth Monitoring security operator saw a suspect enter a construction site by jumping over the perimeter fence. The trespasser made his way around the site before going into the on-site portable toilet. Our operator contacted police and gave officers details about the suspect, including where he was located. Responding officers found the suspect, still hiding in the porta potty. The individual was arrested and escorted from the property by a team of officers.

Trespassing on a construction site can be dangerous and costly. While a perimeter fence is a good first line of defense, as you saw in the video, it can’t always keep out determined intruders.

Remote video monitoring watches for unwanted activity in real time, to help deter and prevent damage before it happens. When trained operators are alerted to suspicious activity, they can quickly assess the situation and take action. Our proactive solution can help business owners and contractors safely handle issues from vandalism and theft to liability and project management issues.

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