Trespasser Caught Trying to Access Storage Trailers

At this construction site, a Stealth security operator spotted a trespasser wandering around after everyone had left for the day. The suspect was seen checking the doors of the storage trailers inside the site. Our operator contacted police.

Officers arrived to search the area and later entered with a canine unit. They found the individual hiding beside the storage trailer. They escorted him off the property in handcuffs.

Trespassing on a construction site can be dangerous, not just for the intruder, but for project managers and contractors, as well. If someone gets injured on your construction site, whether they are supposed to be there or not, you could find yourself embroiled in a liability case.

Remote video monitoring is a proactive solution to help deter unwanted activity. Trained security operators, using analytics-based surveillance cameras, watch for suspicious activity. If something unusual is spotted, the operator is alerted and can then act accordingly.

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