A Comprehensive Look into the Threats Facing the Energy Industry and How to Solve Them

Posted by Mark Mariotti on November 30, 2021

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Today’s energy grid is made up of a complex, interconnected network of systems and subsystems that must be designed, operated and protected in ways that promote security and resiliency. Threats are always imminent, that’s a given. So, maintaining reliability and continued service is of the upmost importance.

Points of Vulnerability

The energy sector is an appealing target for bad actors. Even a small attack could have a large, negative impact. There are several points of vulnerability that are susceptible to attacks. These include:

  • Plants – where energy is generated
  • Substations – where energy transmission takes place
  • Substation equipment – including distribution transformers, circuit breakers, busbars and more

While barriers such as fences can help protect these assets, they can’t fully guard against determined intruders. They are also challenging to secure because they are often widely dispersed.

Solution to Help Deter Threats

Methods used in recent times to protect the energy grid against both physical and cyber-attacks have focused on keeping the public from harm, discouraging vandalism, preventing animal intrusion, as well as minimizing liability of the owner/operator due to injury or death of an intruder.

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Additionally, as technology advances in this sector, the distinction between the cyber and physical domains is shrinking and becoming more interdependent. We will delve into how our proactive live video monitoring solution can help deter physical activities that can lead to cyberattacks.

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