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A Guide to Thermal Imaging Cameras

Posted by Melissa Parsons on May 30, 2019

When it comes to securing outdoor assets, there is no doubt you will encounter areas where light, or lack thereof, is an issue. This is especially true when trying to protect property perimeters. Traditional security cameras, while able to catch most things, struggle to see at night without proper lighting or during inclement weather. Thermal cameras are a great option since they sense objects based on the heat they radiate.

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Uses and Benefits of Thermal Cameras

Criminals use the cover of darkness, landscaping and other objects as a way to hide and mask their identity. Because thermal cameras can detect transmitted energy at different levels, shadows, bad weather and even landscaping can’t stop them from detecting intruders.

Many industries use thermal cameras to enhance surveillance at their properties. Construction sites, oil and gas, auto dealerships, apartments, warehouses, cannabis facilities, shopping centers and other commercial properties utilize them for their ability to see for longer ranges and catch the tiniest details from further away. Not only can they help protect outdoor assets, they can help improve day-to-day operations and increase profitability.

Thermal Cameras: See What Others Cannot takes an in-depth look into thermal imaging cameras and their features. It also covers their many benefits, including:

  • Require no lighting
  • Help improve overall security coverage
  • Provide better coverage for less money
  • Operate in extreme weather conditions
  • Help prevent false positives
  • Enhance safety and productivity
  • Help reduce risk while increasing ROI

The paper also explores how thermal imaging cameras can enhance a proactive security solution to help deter and reduce crimes in progress.

Download your copy now to learn more details about their uses, benefits and how to implement a complete thermal security solution.

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