A Little Loitering Leads to Apprehension

Posted by Rick Charney on June 29, 2021

Many incidents and crimes occur at commercial properties without any knowledge or information known by property owners/managers. Stealth trained security professionals look for suspicious activity during the night as if a landlord or property manager were watching their property throughout the nightly hours.

A little before 10:00 at night, a Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed a car pulled into the parking lot of an office building and parked in a parking space. Almost simultaneously, a second vehicle did the same, parking beside the other car. The drivers of the two cars exited their vehicles and had a brief conversation. They both got into the second car and drove off the parking lot. This behavior triggered suspicion from our security operator because trespassing and loitering are after-hour concerns at office buildings.

Sometime later they returned, only to be met by two police cruisers. The driver of the first vehicle was allowed to leave the scene; however, the driver of the second vehicle was apprehended by police.

Live Video Monitoring Empowers Proactive Security

At office buildings, the key is to be proactive in your security practices. Stealth professionals often see loitering or panhandling which can lead to dumpster diving and vandalism. Sometimes drug dealing or other minor crimes escalate to repetitive, unwanted activity or serious crimes.

Live video monitoring by our trained professionals can help deter unwanted activities and behaviors, therefore potentially minimizing liability. This helps to increase tenant’s trust in office management that safety and security is important and taken seriously.

For more information about Stealth Monitoring’s proactive security solutions for office buildings and other commercial properties, contact us.

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