A Smashed Window and a Car Chase End in Arrest

Posted by Rick Charney on March 23, 2020

In this month’s video, three suspects smash a window and break into a storefront.

A car was seen driving around a California shopping center after hours. The vehicle backed into a parking spot. Two individuals exited the car and approached the storefront. A Stealth Monitoring security operator was watching, sounded the on-site speaker warning and immediately contacted police. The suspects re-entered their car and drove off.

They didn’t go very far, however, and returned to the storefront. This time, three individuals got out of the car carrying plastic bags and a sledgehammer. One managed to shatter a glass door and enter the store. A second perpetrator tried to break a window next door, but police had arrived on the property. The three jumped back in their car and sped off. Responding officers raced off behind them.

Storefront Security

In less than one minute, a thief can smash a storefront window and steal inventory. That leaves the store owner having to deal with the loss of merchandise, as well as the cost to replace the glass. Implementing the right security system can help protect your tenants and their valuable assets.

Deter Crime with Live Video Surveillance

Live video monitoring is a successful solution to help reduce and deter crime. Like the name indicates, security operators monitor surveillance cameras in real time to watch for suspicious activity. If they see anything out of the ordinary, they can act immediately. This means activating an on-site speaker to let the intruders know they are being watched and calling local authorities.

When police receive a call from Stealth, they know it is a crime in progress, so they typically elevate its status. Our operators can stay on the phone to direct responding officers to where the incident is occurring and provide them with real-time information.

If you would like more information about our proactive security solutions for your shopping center or commercial property, contact us.

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