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Apartment Fence Climber Breaks into Cars

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 3, 2020

Parking garages are hotbeds for vehicle break-ins and theft. They provide a large inventory of unattended vehicles that can be attractive to would-be thieves.

In this video, an individual scaled the fence of a Houston apartment community and made his way to the parking garage. Our security operator contacted police after seeing the suspect attempt to break into multiple vehicles. When the trespasser saw the officers arrive, he ran down the stairwell and left the property on foot. Our operator updated police with this information. They left the property and headed out to find the perpetrator.

Live video monitoring can be a very effective crime deterrent. Having trained monitoring operators watching live cameras can improve threat detection and police response. Our security solutions combine the human element with advanced technology to help detect and deter crime while reducing security guard expenses.

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