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Apartment Security: Arrest of Trio Trying to Steal a Scooter

Posted by David Charney on Sep 2, 2021

Apartment community residents are owners of various valuables that are housed inside their apartment homes as well as on apartment property. Community parking lots and garages house resident vehicles.

Communities that offer storage closets or individual garages either as an amenity or at an additional cost to residents can have multiple valuables stored inside. Live video monitoring shows your community cares about its residents and their precious belongings by providing them with peace of mind in knowing their items will be less likely to be stolen.

A bit past midnight, two individuals entered the view of a surveillance camera from a multifamily residential community in Boston that was being monitored by a trained Stealth security operator. They approached a parked, secured scooter with a pair of bolt cutters and attempted to cut it loose. Growing tired, they each walked away for a quick break. Our operator contacted police.

A third individual arrived and attempted to loosen the scooter with help of one of the other individuals and the bolt cutters. After another quick break, all three individuals manipulated the bolt cutters to loosen the scooter, but to no avail.

The three individuals saw a police cruiser drive up and they quickly scattered. Two individuals sat on the concrete steps and the other stood by a parked car, peering through its window. When the police cruiser parked beside the individuals, the one by the parked car ran, while the two individuals sitting remained. Two police officers exited the cruiser and approached the seated individuals.

Our operator used a different camera on the multifamily community’s property to grab a quick look at the individual who ran so that our operator could let police know the location of the runner. The two officers handcuffed the seated individuals and put them inside the cruiser.

Tampering with Resident’s Valuable Pieces of Property a “No Go” on Our Watch

Residents choose to call a multifamily apartment community “home,” based on a variety of factors. Personal safety and security along with keeping residents’ personal properties secure rank at the top.

The FBI’s Preliminary Uniform Crime Report for the first six months of 2020 regarding theft of motor vehicles, which include scooters, showed an increase of 6.2% from the first six months of 2019. This is a hint to apartment community owners and managers to consider installing or upgrading to a robust, effective security solution to help keep residents’ and future residents’ vehicles and/or vehicle parts out of the hands of criminals.

For 25% up to a 60% savings on traditional security guards, courtesy officers and other possible security expenses, Stealth Monitoring provides the highest possible level of security for your apartment community.

Our experienced multifamily security experts can work with you to help maintain a secure environment for your residents. A customized solution can be created and installed using the best cameras in the appropriate locations pointing in the most opportune directions to catch thieves and other criminals.

Our key differentiator comes into play with human intelligence and technology working together. Stealth’s video surveillance solutions work in real time to catch events as they happen. This data is translated into live videos that our experienced and highly educated monitoring operators see firsthand as a situation progresses.

Because of this, our operators have all the needed information provided by video data to make the most effective decision about any situation taking place on the screen, such as sound an on-site warning or contact local police.

Contact us to explore the best Stealth Monitoring customized solution for your community to help deter unwanted situations taking place on your property.