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Apartment Security: Trespasser Attempts to Kick Down Door

Posted by Eric Nauta on Dec 17, 2019

Late one night, a Stealth security operator saw a male individual approach a locked storage room door at a Dallas apartment community.

The suspect tried to force the door open by slamming his body into it and kicking at it violently. He finally gave up and walked around the corner, finding an alternate way into the room.

Our monitoring operator contacted Dallas police. Officers arrived minutes later and tried to open the door. One of them managed to kick it open. Inside was the suspect, who exited the storage room with his hands up. Officers promptly arrested him.

Deterring Crime at Multifamily Residential Properties

Crimes that occur in multifamily residential properties are a concern for property managers, residents and potential tenants. Safety and security are top considerations for renters. Owners can help protect their properties with live video monitoring. It’s a smart investment that can help deter crime and damage while increasing occupancy rates.

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