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Arrest of Apartment Bicycle Thief

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on Apr 19, 2021

In this month’s video, we caught someone trying to steal a bicycle from an apartment bike room. The ride he left in wasn’t in his original plan.

A Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed an individual in the parking garage of a California apartment building. The suspect approached the door to the bike room. He managed to open the door by slipping a card in the between its handle and frame. Our operator activated the on-site speaker, warning him that the police had been dispatched. The suspect ignored the warning.

The trespasser then made his way over to one of the bikes and tried to unlock it from the rack in which it was sitting. Our operator then contacted the security guard on duty and called to dispatch police.

Several police SUVs arrived minutes later and pulled up to the bike room. Armed officers exited their vehicle then directed the suspect to kneel and put his hands behind his head.

Opportunists looking to steal from a locked bike room are typically savvier than their run-of-the-mill counterparts, since bike rooms tend to be located in access-controlled parking garages.

Police handcuffed the suspect then escorted him from the bike room and into their SUV.

Deter Bicycle Theft with Live Video Monitoring

Because cycling is an easy and inexpensive way to get around, it’s not surprising its popularity is growing. However, keeping those bikes safe can be challenging in a multi-tenant building

The best way to stop shrewd criminals is by catching them in the act. Live video monitoring combines video analytics with human intelligence. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to watch for suspicious activity in real time. If they see something, they can quickly assess the situation and respond. That means activating an on-site audio warning and calling local authorities.

When police receive a call from Stealth, they know we are watching a crime in progress, so they typically elevate the priority level and dispatch officers while the suspects are still on the property.

If you would like more information about a proactive security solution for your multifamily community, contact us.