How Can Your Community Benefit from Smart Technology?

Posted by Eric Nauta on July 28, 2020

How often has something like this happened to you?

Protecting Your Parking Lot

Posted by Eric Nauta on July 10, 2020

No matter what type of commercial property you have – multifamily residential, shopping center, office building, warehouse or auto dealership – your parking structure is probably a challenge to manage. Just look at what was happening in these parking facilities:

How Tailgating and Piggybacking Can Crush Your Security

Posted by Eric Nauta on April 1, 2020

Your organization wisely invests in perimeter and physical security. You have a security policy and plan in place. You even send employees to training. All that can fall apart in one fell swoop. All it takes is one incident of piggybacking or tailgating. What Are Piggybacking…

How Do You Calculate Your Return on Security Investment?

Posted by Eric Nauta on March 13, 2020

Measuring the return on investment of a product is easy. You add up the expenses related to creating and managing it. Then you take the number of sales and subtract all related expenses. Unfortunately, it's not so simple to figure out what kind of return you get on your…

Cleaning Up Corrupt Laundry Room Activity

Posted by Eric Nauta on February 18, 2020

Apartment laundry rooms tend to attract people who aren’t always conducting themselves appropriately.

Attempted Shopping Center Break-In Deterred

Posted by Eric Nauta on February 18, 2020

Vandalism, smash-and-grab robberies and break-ins are common security risks for a shopping center.

5 Residential Property Management Trends You Need to Know About

Posted by Eric Nauta on February 5, 2020

As residential property management enters a new decade, it leaves many thinking about its future. How will apartments and multi-family residential evolve in the '20s? A big part of that is technology. New technology comes out faster than the industry can keep up. "The overall…

Apartment Loiterer - So You Think You Can Dance

Posted by Eric Nauta on January 20, 2020

In this video, a suspect uses an apartment courtyard as his stage for his performance art.