Arrest of Suspect Using Drugs in Apartment Building Laundry Room

Posted by Jamie Lynch on April 21, 2022

Most apartment community owners and managers have adopted no-tolerance policies around harmful behaviors that could lead to dangerous situations. These could include no guns or illegal drugs allowed any place on the property. In the following video, an individual was “living it…

Two People Caught Tampering with Camera in Apartment Laundry Room

Posted by Jamie Lynch on April 20, 2022

As a multifamily property owner or manager, you want to make sure you are providing a safe and secure place for your residents to live. When residents feel safe, they are much happier and will be more inclined to stay your residents. If you have crime on your property,…

Homeless Individuals Escorted from Apartment Building by Police

Posted by Jamie Lynch on April 7, 2022

Homelessness is a complex problem that can impact the safety of an apartment building and its residents. When uninvited visitors use your community to sleep, bathe or do drugs, your residents can feel uneasy which can leave managers feeling frustrated.

Breaking and Entering at Apartment Building Leads to Arrest

Posted by Jamie Lynch on March 17, 2022

In this month’s video, we observed three people force their way into a unit in a California apartment building using some sort of tool.

Arrest of Trespasser Breaking into an Apartment Building and Attempting to Access Parked Vehicles

Posted by Jamie Lynch on February 9, 2022

Intent is critical when it comes to trespassing onto multifamily residential property. Usually when an individual enters an apartment building or an apartment’s parking garage, the person has intent. If the individual is a resident who came into the office to ask staff a…

Fight with Person Armed with Gun in Apartment Building Ends in Arrest

Posted by Jamie Lynch on December 29, 2021

In this video, you will see how Stealth Monitoring’s proactive security solution helped to deter a potentially dangerous situation at a multifamily community.

Live Video Monitoring Results in Police Arrest of Drug Users in Apartment Laundry Room

Posted by Jamie Lynch on November 5, 2021

Common area laundry rooms in apartment communities are often an area of repetitive security challenges. The problems owners and management companies come to Stealth Monitoring for help with are transients breaking in and loitering, illegal drug use, drug dealing and laundry…

Transients Trespassing and Loitering on Property in Phoenix

Posted by Jamie Lynch on August 26, 2021

Multifamily communities are not immune to challenges. Some of these include trespassing, loitering and unauthorized access. All three could be deterred with live video monitoring by keeping professionally trained eyes on your property to see an event in real time and then taking…