Stealth Monitoring Attends Construct

Posted by Kirk Biddle on October 17, 2019

Stealth Monitoring joined hundreds of industry professionals in National Harbor, Maryland at Construct AED Education & Expo. Our team of security specialists was on-hand to talk about how effective our proactive live video monitoring solutions have been at deterring theft,…

How Is Technology Changing the Construction Industry?

Posted by Kirk Biddle on September 17, 2019

Data from McKinsey and Company reveals that labor productivity in construction has not kept up with overall economic productivity. The part that will not surprise many is that out of all the industries, construction uses the least amount of technology. Fortunately, that's…

Construction Security: Trespassers Can Run, But They Can’t Hide from Stealth.

Posted by Kirk Biddle on August 20, 2019

Trespassing can be a gateway to vandalism, theft, and loitering. Construction sites sometimes end up with crane climbers. A trespasser who gets hurt on your property could sue your company and hold you liable. In this month’s video, two construction site trespassers tried to…

One Solution Can Help Solve Your Construction Site Security Issues

Posted by Kirk Biddle on July 19, 2019

Has Any of This Ever Happened at Your Site?

Top 3 Things You Need for the Best Construction Site Safety

Posted by Kirk Biddle on July 17, 2019

Construction accidents are more expensive than you think. That's because of hidden costs such as training a replacement worker, investigating the incident, repairing damages, and continuing insurance coverage. This article looks at the cost of injuries and three things you can…