Parking Lot Skateboarder is Potential Liability

Posted by Mark Mariotti on June 30, 2020

Premises liability is a real concern for business owners. The legal concept holds them responsible for any injuries that occur on their property, especially if they were preventable.

What's the High Price of Security Vulnerabilities?

Posted by Mark Mariotti on April 13, 2020

How much is your business losing due to security vulnerabilities? It depends. One factor is your industry. Here's a look at some of the industries and the losses associated with lack of security: Construction: $30,000 for one stolen itemAuto Dealership: $35,000 for a new…

How is the Cannabis Business Doing in the Crisis?

Posted by Mark Mariotti on April 7, 2020

What do grocery stores, hardware stores, banks, and cannabis businesses have in common? Governments consider all of them as essential businesses in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. A few short years ago, anyone selling cannabis would've been arrested. Today, governments are…

How to Conquer Mining Security Challenges in 9 Steps

Posted by Mark Mariotti on March 20, 2020

Surface mining, underground mining, and minerals processing put workers in a hazardous environment. It's the nature of the job. Management in just about every mining business has to focus on two things. One is mining safety to protect the health and safety of its mine workers.…

Do These 7 Things to Boost Mining Safety

Posted by Mark Mariotti on February 11, 2020

The good news is the U.S. Department of Labor's Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) reports that U.S. mining fatalities have dropped significantly between 1978 and 2018. In 1978, 242 miners died on the job. By 2018, that number fell to 28. MSHA's mission is to prevent…

6 Challenges to Starting a Cannabis Business You Need to Know About

Posted by Mark Mariotti on January 31, 2020

People have a misconception that opening a cannabis store means the money will come rolling in. However, that's not reality. While many do want the product and it's now legal to buy it in some places, a marijuana dispensary has a few hurdles to overcome before seeing a…

9 Things You Need to Do for Cannabis Security

Posted by Mark Mariotti on November 13, 2019

Thanks to the tricky and ever-changing regulations, running a cannabis business has unique challenges. The success of your business relies on many factors. The first of which you have already established: location. Or if you are in the process of opening a cannabis dispensary,…

8 Reasons Why Scrap Yard Security Needs Video Monitoring

Posted by Mark Mariotti on October 21, 2019

You have one billion reasons to invest in scrap metal recycling security. According to "Metals Theft," the U.S. Department Energy estimates the amount of copper stolen every year is $1 billion. Moreover, between the years 2011 and 2013, there were more than 40,000 claims for the…