Late-Night Auto Dealership Trespasser

Posted by Norm Charney on September 1, 2020

How does an auto dealership encourage customers to come in while sending a message to thieves to stay out?

Parking Garage Perils

Posted by Norm Charney on May 26, 2020

In this month’s video, two people took a stroll through the parking garage looking for treasures. What they found was a trip to jail.

Attempted Car Break-Ins Broken Up.

Posted by Norm Charney on March 23, 2020

In this month’s video, three individuals attempted to access multiple cars in an apartment parking lot. Police arrived just in time to prevent them from leaving the property.

Connect with Stealth Monitoring at the 2020 NADA Show

Posted by Norm Charney on January 9, 2020

Meet Norm Charney at the NADA Show in Las Vegas! Stealth Monitoring is the largest live video monitoring company in North America. Norm Charney, Founder and Managing Director at Stealth Monitoring, has designed security solutions for hundreds of auto dealerships in the U.S. from…

Apartment Security: Fitness Center Fun

Posted by Norm Charney on October 22, 2019

In this month’s video, a couple finds themselves in a precarious situation in their apartment fitness center.

Dealerships, Protect Your Valuable Assets with This Security Technology

Posted by Norm Charney on September 25, 2019

Dealerships face a bevy of challenges today. Owners and managers of dealerships constantly seek ways to protect their business, save money, and take care of their customers and employees. They need to find ways to protect their million-dollar vehicle inventory. Thieves like to…

How Can You Help Protect Your Car Dealership?

Posted by Norm Charney on September 23, 2019

Car dealerships present a big security challenge. Typical businesses that have valuable inventory can lock it safely away inside. Not so for dealerships who are relegated to keeping millions of dollars in product sitting outside. Easy targets for thieves. This makes the right…

Do You Need to Hire Dealership Service Facilitators?

Posted by Norm Charney on June 28, 2019

A search for "dealership facilitator" on a job site yields pages of results. Some dealerships use automotive consultant/facilitator or automotive sales facilitator. What does that mean? One job description says the person in this role works with the dealership managers and…