Shopping Center Trespasser Caught Throwing Stolen Items Over the Fence

Posted by Rick Charney on January 21, 2022

Shopping center owners and managers strive to minimize vandalism, loitering, dumpster diving and other unwanted behaviors that could devalue their property and decrease visitors to their bricks-and-mortar establishments. This month’s video shows how owners and managers rely on…

What Can You Do About the Growing Number of Smash-and-Grabs?

Posted by Rick Charney on January 19, 2022

The latest growing problem for retailers is smash-and-grab theft. This is a form of a burglary that involves smashing into a barrier like a door or breaking a window, grabbing anything of value, and quickly driving or running away. Often, the costs to repair the damage to the…

Shopping Center Damage and Wire Theft

Posted by Rick Charney on December 23, 2021

Shopping center environments can provide many unique security-related challenges with two of the most common being: breaking-and-entering and copper wire theft. Thieves break in searching for various goods from retail stores while wire thieves are usually in pursuit of copper…

Three People Loitering by Dumpsters Behind Shopping Center

Posted by Rick Charney on October 29, 2021

Loitering occurs when an individual lingers in a place, at a time and in a manner for no apparent reason. It can often be viewed as an insignificant offense. However, it could potentially lead to more egregious crimes. Loitering is a big security concern for shopping centers.…

Unwanted Activity in Parking Structures

Posted by Rick Charney on October 15, 2021

The following videos captured by Stealth’s live video monitoring solution is customized for parking lot environments. Each of the three videos in the compilation illustrates how two types of incidents – fights and skateboarding – are captured with high-definition video analytics…

Illegal Drug Dealings at Shopping Centers

Posted by Rick Charney on October 4, 2021

Loitering and illegal drug dealings at shopping centers seem to commonly occur simultaneously. Those involved with the sell and use of illegal drugs often choose shopping centers and their parking lots because it’s easy to blend into the crowd of shoppers walking to and from…

Solution to Help Deter Storefront Property Damage

Posted by Rick Charney on September 29, 2021

From coast to coast, shopping centers are popular locations with unique spaces for criminals looking to burglarize, vandalize or loiter. The following video shows how criminals attempted to gain access into five retail establishments within the shopping center environment – each…

Suspect Spotted Throwing Rocks at Storefront Window

Posted by Rick Charney on August 13, 2021

Burglary and vandalism can cause significant loss to a business. That makes it all the more important to take proactive measures to help guard against damage.