Live Monitoring for Crime Prevention

Posted by Rick Charney on February 10, 2015

Closed circuit television is a technology that, when coupled with video cameras and live surveillance, has proven time and time again to reduce crime in major areas such as shopping centers as well as apartment and housing projects. For example, reports came out recently that…

Shopping Centers: The Effect of Video Cameras on Crime

Posted by Rick Charney on February 6, 2015

There are multiple studies that show how visible video cameras can have a positive effect on preventing crime happening near shopping centers, pharmacies, or other commercial properties. In one study conducted in Japan, a closed circuit TV system was installed in a major…

Holiday Crimes at Portland Shopping Malls

Posted by Rick Charney on February 4, 2015

Seven of the largest malls in the Portland area were hit by over 400 crimes from November 28, 2013 to January 1, 2014 as reported by KATU, December 18, 2014. One center reported 113 crimes, which included four car prowls and seven hit and runs. Another center had a total 105…

Real-Time Monitoring for Theft Prevention

Posted by Rick Charney on February 2, 2015

FBI collected statistics indicate that there are about 9.3 million instances of property crime, 2.2 million burglaries, and 6.3 million larceny-thefts in the United States in a typical year. This boils down to a loss of a lot of revenue through crime. Many of these crimes occur…

Rash of Bicycle Shop Break-ins in Little Rock, Ark.

Posted by Rick Charney on January 26, 2015

Professional criminals will always find new ways to compromise surveillance systems. Using cameras, monitors and sensors alone do not always provide proper security and protection from break-ins, as the following story from KTHV TV reports. The store owners installed…

Video - 4 Masked Robbers with Sledgehammer

Posted by Rick Charney on July 24, 2014

Watch 4 Masked Robbers with Sledgehammer. Sledgehammer meets speaker. Who wins?