Construction Security: An ATV, A Chase and an Arrest.

Posted by Ryan Cox on September 23, 2019

Theft and vandalism are common issues on construction sites in North America, costing stakeholders valuable time and money. In this video, our security operator observed an ATV enter a construction site in Alberta, Canada just after midnight.

Why You Need Construction Video Monitoring

Posted by Ryan Cox on May 31, 2019

Construction sites are susceptible to an array of problems. Equipment and materials theft. Injuries. Trespassers. Arson. Vandalism. Natural disasters. The list is extensive. These expensive and life-threatening challenges require an effective construction site security solution,…

Construction Site Trespasser Fell into a 65-Foot Hole

Posted by Ryan Cox on May 2, 2019

Construction sites can be intriguing places, but they pose a big safety risk. Unauthorized visitors can cause serious problems to the project or even themselves. A Montreal construction site was the scene of rescue operation on a recent Wednesday morning. A man scaled the fence…

4 Technologies That Will Enhance Construction Safety

Posted by Ryan Cox on April 29, 2019

With younger, tech-savvy employees entering the construction business and the surge of Baby Boomers retiring, technology has finally found its way into construction. The industry recognizes the value of technology. After all, the right one can save time and money while…

3 Things You Need to Know About Climate Change and the Construction Industry

Posted by Ryan Cox on April 8, 2019

The extreme changes in weather happen frequently and affect the construction industry in many ways. It's no longer simply about ensuring construction workers are dressing appropriately for the temperatures and safety. There’s much more to it. Here are three reasons why the…

Here's a Better Way to Do Construction Waste Disposal

Posted by Ryan Cox on April 3, 2019

Construction companies could be leaving money on the table by not doing any scrap metal recycling. Some think it's too much work and too complicated to recycle debris. The truth is that construction waste recycling can reduce expenses, especially end-of-project costs. It’s not…

This Trend Will Make You Change Construction Security

Posted by Ryan Cox on March 26, 2019

Two recent incidents of crane climbing indicate that the dangerous activity isn't going away any time soon. It’s not just the risk-takers looking to climb the tallest item on a construction site. In fact, the people in these cases weren't climbing for thrills. Here are two very…

How to Organize Construction Sites to Boost Safety and Productivity

Posted by Ryan Cox on March 21, 2019

Judging from search engine results, the topic of organizing a construction site doesn't come up often enough and yet, the benefits are many. An organized construction site increases safety, enhances productivity, and boosts profits. A well-designed construction site offers more…