Stealth Monitoring Tops Last Year’s Donation to Habitat for Humanity

Posted by Sidney Sommer on January 29, 2020

Stealth Monitoring and the Greater Toronto-area (GTA) Habitat for Humanity have been enjoying a partnership since 2007. In those early days, Founder/Managing Director at Stealth, Sidney Sommer, installed cameras for free at Habitat’s sites in Toronto to help deter crime and…

Joyriding Around a Construction Site

Posted by Sidney Sommer on January 20, 2020

In this video, a trespasser takes a piece of equipment for a ride around a construction site after hours. He ends up taking a ride in a police car.

Live Video Monitoring Helps Lead to Arrest of Scrap Metal Thieves

Posted by Sidney Sommer on January 15, 2020

Metal theft is a challenge for businesses. It’s a billion-dollar problem in North America. when you factor in lost revenue and damages. Scrapyards are a frequent target for these thieves because of their ample supply of copper and other non-ferrous metals like aluminum and…