Two Intoxicated Crane Climbers Arrested

Posted by Steve Mansell on July 20, 2020

In this month’s video, what goes up, must come down. Two crane climbers had their fun abruptly end thanks to our security operator and an on-site audio warning.

Trespasser Gets Injured on Construction Site

Posted by Steve Mansell on April 20, 2020

In this month’s video, a trespasser loses his footing and falls while trying to access the second level of a building under construction.

Arrest of Suspect at Seattle Construction Site

Posted by Steve Mansell on April 16, 2019

Construction sites can be easy targets for criminals, mainly because many of them lack proper security. Around 2:40 a.m., an individual was seen entering a Seattle construction site by squeezing through an opening in the fence. Our security operator contacted police and gave the…

Everything You Need to Know About Construction Site Security

Posted by Steve Mansell on March 15, 2019

Get Our Complete Guide to Construction Best Practices: Site Safety and Security Solutions That Work The construction industry builds the homes we live in, the offices we work in, and the roads we drive on. Unfortunately, the industry faces challenges on several fronts. Read more…

Okanagan Construction Site Thefts on The Rise

Posted by Steve Mansell on January 14, 2019

Construction sites in Okanagan, BC are being targeted for heavy equipment, as well as the trailers needed to transport the equipment. Thieves took a mini excavator, a piece of equipment generally worth a lot of money, in broad daylight from a site in Kelowna, in the Okanagan…

Toronto Crane Climber’s Potentially Fatal Climb Leads to Guilty Sentencing

Posted by Steve Mansell on December 14, 2018

There has been a huge increase in crane climbing in last few years. This can be heavily attributed to social media. Adrenaline-fueled enthusiasts scale cranes and once they reach the top, they take a selfie to post on popular websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. Not…

Construction Trends: Resilient Construction Designs and Increased Costs

Posted by Steve Mansell on December 10, 2018

Experts predict there will be a 6% construction growth in the southern region of the United States. Texas is forecasted to have the strongest growth at 10%. Construction trends in the Lone Star State fall under several headings, but this article will focus on two – resilient…

How Big Data Can Revolutionize the Construction Industry

Posted by Steve Mansell on December 3, 2018

Big data. This relatively new term is tossed around a lot in the business world but what does it mean? Big data describes the large amount of information flooding companies every day, as well as the powerful computing systems needed to process it. As technology evolves,…