Deter and Prevent Construction Site Theft

Posted by Steve Mansell on July 28, 2017

Cases of construction site theft are increasing. As a result, construction site and construction equipment security is more important than ever. According to a study by The National Equipment Register (NER), construction management companies lose between $300 million to $1…

Construction Surveillance Catches Fence Jumping Burglar at Client's Site

Posted by Steve Mansell on July 27, 2017

A Stealth Monitoring client benefited from their construction surveillance system.

Gate Access Control for Industrial and Logistics Sites

Posted by Steve Mansell on May 15, 2017

Access control is a great security solution at industrial properties, construction sites, and logistics/ trucking hubs. It help can protect your customers, precious cargo, and employees from theft and assault. Stealth Gate Entry/Exit Logistics Solution Stealth access control…

Construction Time Lapse Video - The Hidden Benefits

Posted by Steve Mansell on April 10, 2017

Construction time lapse video is a powerful promotional tool. This ability to market property developments has added a wow factor to sales pitches. But are you aware of the business benefits of time lapse cameras? Construction time lapse video can document video surveillance and…