Individuals Playing with Guns Arrested at Apartment Community

Posted by Tammy Miller on May 20, 2022

Sometimes the behavior of a resident or guest can become a safety risk. If this behavior continues, it could potentially make other residents feel unsafe. No one wants to live where they don’t feel secure. This is a key factor in minimizing vacancy and maximizing rental…

Intoxicated Individual Acting Strangely at Multifamily Community Entryway

Posted by Tammy Miller on October 19, 2021

Public intoxication on a multifamily community’s property not only causes annoyances for other residents and employees but can lead to dangerous situations. Intoxicated individuals have altered their brain with some type of substance. This can cause abnormal thinking and…

Armed Individual Arrested at Multifamily Community Before Causing Harm

Posted by Tammy Miller on September 17, 2021

The residents and staff at your multifamily communities expect there to be a certain level of security and safety. When someone threatens that safety, if can impact your vacancy rates, reputation and ultimately your net operating income.

Proud Past, Promising Future. Meet Us at the 2021 FAA Trade Show.

Posted by Tammy Miller on September 14, 2021

There’s no question the multifamily industry recently faced unprecedented challenges. From conducting virtual tours to the economic fallout that has made it harder for many residents to pay rent, property managers and owners have been forced to rethink their strategies.…

Armed Individuals Party in Apartment Community’s Common Area

Posted by Tammy Miller on August 23, 2021

Multifamily communities typically provide residents and future residents with appealing and unique amenities to enhance their quality of life and living. It’s up to community owners and managers to make sure these areas are safe for residents to enjoy them. When questionable…

Suspect Caught Doing Drugs in Apartment Laundry Room

Posted by Tammy Miller on August 20, 2021

In this month’s video, a man was seen doing drugs in an apartment laundry room. His night probably ended differently than he had planned.

Swift, Efficient Action by Stealth Security Operator Helps Stop Gun-Wielding Individual

Posted by Tammy Miller on August 2, 2021

When gun sightings occur on multifamily residential communities, quick thinking and immediate action to expedite the arrival of law enforcement is crucial. During the following video, a trained and highly skilled Stealth Monitoring live, remote video operator helped stop a…

Attempted Theft from Laundry and Mail Rooms

Posted by Tammy Miller on May 14, 2021

In this month’s video, a suspect wielding a screwdriver attempted to break into laundry machines and mailboxes. Thanks to the quick action of a Stealth Monitoring security operator, there was no clean getaway for him.