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Auto Dealership Intruder Arrested for Accessing Multiple Vehicles

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Feb 24, 2022

After-hour shopping and vehicle previewing with a “do not touch” frame of mind is generally a common occurrence at vehicle dealership lots. Some people prefer to shop without interference of salespeople and may feel they can leisure peruse inventory during this time. However, unexplained activities after-hours can lead to theft and inventory damage.

Our remote video surveillance security solution helped catch this intruder who was not only perusing after hours but rather attempting to and eventually gained access inside parked vehicle inventory.

After hours and during the night, an intruder was seen by our highly trained security operator walking onto the property from the back lot. The trespasser attempted to access multiple vehicles during his stroll through the lot. Our operator called police dispatch to report this incident in progress and continued to observe.

The individual set off an alarm on a pickup truck and took off running further into the lot, where he gained access into a vehicle. Officers arrived at the lot and found the suspect inside the vehicle. Officers handcuffed the trespasser and continued to investigate the scene. They eventually removed him from the property, evident that he was being arrested.

Remote Video Surveillance Provides Maximum Coverage and Cost-Effectiveness

Dealership lots come in all shapes and sizes and are often times laid out irregularly, creating complicated corners and small dark inlets making it easy for bad guys to hide. Other lots are potentially located in high-crime areas. Still others are small, mom-and-pop operations that don’t have huge security budgets but need effective security to protect their assets and property.

While no two dealerships are alike, the right security solution depends on several factors including, but not limited to, dealership size, location, surrounding area and other unique features. Factors such as these are considered when designing an effective security solution with maximum coverage and cost-effectiveness.

Stealth’s proactive security solution helps protect even the most challenging dealership layouts and locations. Our solution is fully tailored to your lot. We assess your property and design the most effective security solution available on the market today with remote video surveillance. High definition, IP video surveillance cameras that have been vetted by Stealth professionals are strategically placed and aligned to provide the best coverage available for your dealership. Cameras are aimed at your vehicle inventory, service customer’s vehicles, tire and wheel storage areas and the other critical areas on your lot. Our cameras operate 24/7 – they do not sleep, take breaks, need to eat, or get distracted. All activity on your lot can be recorded and archived.

Additionally, our expertise in utilizing video analytics – pre-programmed onto those cameras – enable the technology to filter through live video feeds. If the technology detects a suspicious activity or event taking place on your lot, it alerts one of our highly trained security operators who immediately take over to assess, make decisions and act to deter the unwanted activity in progress.

Our security operators bring extreme value to our solution in the form of human intelligence. In addition to the technology working to keep your lot safe, our operators bring the human element into the equation. Through the development of a pre-established protocol, our operators can activate on-site speaker warnings, contact on-call managers or other personnel, call police dispatch to report an in-progress event and other recourse that is listed on the protocol.

Should police be notified, it is highly likely that officers will arrive at your dealership while the unwanted event is in progress. Stealth has developed positive relationships with police departments across North America. Video recording backs up the fact that an event is in progress. Officers are more likely to respond to those types of events, rather than after the fact.

Contact our vehicle dealership security specialists today to discuss the unique layout of your lot, in addition to other features, to create a customized Stealth video surveillance security solution at a price point of up to 60% lower than traditional security solutions.