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Auto Dealership Trespasser Caught Trying to Access Vehicles

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Sep 24, 2021

Automotive dealerships need an effective security solution to help detect and deter unauthorized activity from damaging the expensive inventory that sits outside on their lots.

On a recent night, after an automotive dealership had closed, a suspicious individual was seen walking in between vehicles on the lot. While this type of activity is often allowed, one of our trained security personnel was watching and saw them trying various door handles. The remote security operator used our on-site audio warning system to let the suspect know they were being surveilled and that police had been called. The suspect then left the property as police arrived.

Our operator had dispatched local police to come investigate the property while the perpetrator was there. As seen, an officer arrived and began searching the lot, shining a flashlight in the windows of multiple vehicles where the suspect had also been tampering with inventory.

Protect Your Inventory with a Customized Video Monitoring Security Solution

An automotive dealership can be a difficult place to secure – storing assets outside while also trying to be an inviting retail establishment. There are constant threats from trespassers, professional criminals and even employees. Using a combination of advanced video analytics and human intelligence, live video monitoring can help proactively prevent unwanted activity.

Trained security professionals diagnose suspicious behavior in real time. They are armed with site level protocols to act quickly using both on-site speaker warnings and, if applicable, calling local authorities, often before damage occurs.

Additionally, the cameras will continue to record even during non-monitoring hours. This footage can be handy to help resolve false claims from customers, as well as to increase operational efficiencies.

If you’re interested in more information about live video monitoring for your automotive dealership, contact us.