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Auto Dealership Trespasser Easily Accesses Vehicle Then Gets Arrested

Posted by Rick Charney on Mar 24, 2022

While it is common for many dealerships to allow customers to browse their inventory after hours, it is not acceptable for anyone to get inside a vehicle and linger. That is precisely what happened in this video and why our security operator took action.

Just after midnight, a trained Stealth Monitoring security operator observed an individual on an auto dealership lot. The subject approached a red Mustang, entered on the driver’s side, and closed the door. Based on site protocols, our operator contacted local police.

Minutes later, two officers arrived at the dealership and approached the Mustang, shining flashlights into the windows. The intruder was seen exiting the car and backing up towards one of the officers with his hands on his head. After questioning the suspect and carefully inspecting the vehicle, the officers led the handcuffed man off the premises.

A Proactive Security Solution Can Help Protect Your Valuable Inventory

The key to a successful security solution is to have trained professionals monitor your property in real time. After all, just having footage after-the-fact isn’t all that helpful and by then, the damage is done.

That’s why more and more automotive dealerships are choosing a proactive security solution like remote video monitoring. Trained security operators watch live surveillance cameras to monitor for suspicious activity. By actively watching your lot when you’re not there, our operators can use preventative measures such as using an on-site speaker warning to let the intruders know they are being watched and/or calling police. The action can be taken while there’s still time to make a difference.

Unlike a security guard who can only be in one place at a time and is limited to only what they can see in front of them, our security professionals can watch multiple areas of your property at the same time. This helps make our solution more successful and cost-effective. Additionally, because our cameras can record 24/7 based on activity levels, you can have footage of any incident that may occur in different parts of your property such as in your service department.

If you are looking for a more proactive security solution for your auto dealership, contact us.