Bicycle Rider Arrested for Trespassing at Auto Dealership

Posted by Robert Poe on May 11, 2022

Dealerships have common activities that take place on their lots and properties at night. Parts can be delivered after hours along with individuals dropping off their vehicle for service the following day. Tow truck drivers sometimes bring broken down vehicles to local dealerships for next day service. Cleaners prefer to clean after hours when dealership employees are gone, and empty buildings are easier to maneuver with vacuum cleaners and other cleaning tools.

The issue is not that dealerships have after-hour, nighttime activities on their lots, it’s the type of activities that matter.

This video captures an individual trespassing onto a dealership’s lot by riding his bike, dismounting and walking toward the back of the property. Our operator recognized all these activities as suspicious, followed the protocols and was able to dispatch police in time to have the suspect successfully removed from the property before anything could get stolen.

An individual on a bicycle was seen by one of our highly trained Stealth security operators riding around a well-lit auto dealership during the night. Our operator immediately activated the on-site speaker warning, but the bike rider ignored it.

Instead, the individual dismounted his bicycle and walked between a parked white SUV and car, heading toward the back of the lot. Our operator contacted local police dispatch to report a potential trespasser.

Police arrived and two officers were updated with the trespasser’s location and were quickly able to locate and apprehended the suspect. He was then escorted off the property in handcuffs.

Timing Usually Not the Issue, It’s the Suspicious Behavior that Sparks Action to Deter It

In today’s economy, most shoppers spend time online researching and searching for vehicles to purchase. These consumers usually prefer after-hour browsing as to not feel bothered or attacked by dealership salespersons. There are also Sunday dealership shoppers when dealerships are closed for business. This type of after-hour activity is encouraged by many dealerships.

Suspicious activity is also mixed in with the after-hour shopper group. This is where our remote video surveillance security solution, advanced video analytics, technology and human intelligence work together to help identify and drive decisions to deter unwanted activity on your lot.

Typically, after-hour shoppers drive to the lot in their vehicle, park and walk around looking at vehicle inventory – usually specific vehicles they have previously researched online and are interested in getting an in-person look. In the video above, though, our operator identified the cyclist as a potential trespasser because he did not fit the common behaviors of after-hour shoppers. At that moment, our operator attempted to deter him from the property by executing pre-determined protocols.

When the cyclist chose to dismount his bike and walk toward the back park of the lot instead of leaving the property, our operator was there to identify this as further suspicious behavior and acted again by contacting local police.

Stealth’s remote video surveillance solution works in real time and is efficient at sifting out normal activities from suspicious, unwanted activities. High-definition cameras are placed on your lot at the most important positions and angled to capture activities happening on your lot. Our cameras come pre-programmed with advanced video analytics, which is the first tool that captures any activity.

The technology filters through video streams and all activity and can alert a highly qualified Stealth security operator who takes over to best determine the intent. This is the human intelligence component of our solution and the second line of defense for your dealership. Our operators analyze the activities, determine next steps and act to help deter the activities should they be suspicious or unwanted.

Contact our auto dealership security specialists today to learn how Stealth can be customized to your specific layout to watch your property in real time when you’re not there and help deter unwanted activities – for up to 60% less than the cost of traditional guards or other security solutions.

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