Bicycle Thief Arrested

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on July 17, 2020

Is this an issue at your property?

In this video, an individual was seen climbing the wall of an apartment community in San Francisco. Once inside the parking garage, the suspect made his way over to the bike rack. He removed a tool from his bag and began cutting through the metal rack. Our Stealth security operator contacted the guard at the property, as well as police.

The perpetrator removed a bicycle from the garage and rolled it out to the street. He hopped back on his own bike, picked up his newest acquisition, and pedaled away. He didn’t get very far, however. Officers caught up to him and placed him under arrest.

Bike Thefts Are A Big Problem at Many Multifamily Residential Properties

Here’s an interesting statistic: cyclists are four times more likely to be victims of theft than car owners. According to research compiled by Project 529, the architect behind the largest bike registry in the world, a bicycle is stolen every 30 seconds in North America. That equates to roughly two million bikes every year, and that is a billion-dollar problem. Of those bikes that are stolen, only 5 percent are ever found and returned.

An article from the Reliance Foundry cites the main factors for bike theft as described by the center for Problem-Oriented Policing. They use the acronym CRAVED which stands for:

  • Concealable – Bike thieves can be easily concealed on the street. Who can tell the difference between a bike thief and a bike owner?
  • Removable – A poorly locked bike is easy to steal
  • Available – The increasing popularity in bike ownership means more opportunities for theft and a greater demand for stolen bikes
  • Valuable – Some bikes cost over $1,000
  • Enjoyable – Some people steal for the sheer enjoyment of riding a bike
  • Disposable – The easier something is to re-sell, the more desirable it becomes to steal

How to Help Deter Bicycle Theft at Your Property

Getting a bike stolen can be rough on your residents. Getting it stolen from a place that is expected to be safe can be even tougher. So, how can you do your part?

For starters, you can encourage your residents to record the serial number on their bike, as well as register it with a reliable service. There are multiple bicycle registry services, including Project 529 and

Second, if you have the space at your property, consider creating a bike room. Bike rooms are quickly becoming a hot amenity at multifamily residential communities. A recent survey of multifamily construction industry professionals, ranked secure bicycle storage as number one on their Top 10 Convenience Services they are adding to their designs. In fact, over 70 percent said their finished buildings included bike rooms. If a bike room isn’t feasible, other options include bike lockers and secure bike racks.

Increasing Security in Your Bike Room and Parking Garage

No matter what type of bike storage you provide for your residents, you must have an effective security solution in place. The first, and easiest security measure is to enhance the lighting. Thieves tend to avoid well-lit areas where they can be spotted more easily.

Access control can also help create a safer environment by managing who can enter the garage and/or bike room. This helps prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to controlled areas.

Installing security cameras can deter would-be criminals. Just knowing there are cameras on the property could be enough to keep unwanted visitors out. However, determined thieves won’t be put off. Your residents may also get a false sense of security and become less diligent in locking up their bikes and cars.

With that said, you can take it one step further with live video monitoring.

Here’s how it works: Analytics-based surveillance cameras can pick up movements that alert trained security operators. The operators can then analyze the situation and act immediately. This includes activating an on-site speaker to warn the trespassers they are being watched and police contacted. A system like this can be used to supplement or replace traditional guards while saving up to 60% on security spend.

Live video monitoring is a proactive security solution that can help safeguard your parking garage, as well as other common areas around your multifamily residential property. If you would like more information about how you can help streamline and reduce your operational costs, deter crime, retain tenants and improve your net operating income, contact us.

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