Bicycle Thief Arrested at Retail Center

Posted by James Thompson on February 4, 2022

Theft is always an issue for retailers and thieves are becoming bolder. They climb over or squeeze through perimeter fences around shopping centers at night to get their hands on desirable objects. With remote video monitoring, however, suspicious individuals are spotted, and action taken, sometimes before the crime can be committed reducing the issue of theft

A Stealth Monitoring security operator identified a suspicious individual approach the perimeter fence of a retail shopping center at night. He forced his way through the space created where the two gates met and onto the property. After deterrent protocols were ignored by the suspicious individual, our operator contacted police dispatch.

The trespasser continued walking through the property, using a flashlight to light up a dark corner out of camera view. Soon after, he emerged into view, walking two bicycles. The thief managed to slip the bicycles through the gate opening and walk them off the property.

Two police cruisers arrived. Officers exited their vehicles and intercepted the thief.

Retail Theft Is A Concerning Security Issue for Store and Shopping Center Owners and Employees

Stealing inventory from retail stores and property from shopping centers, their parking lots, outside storage areas, behind buildings and back alleys is prevalent. Whether the theft is committed by a sophisticated, organized retail crime ring, a thief acting alone or it’s a one-off smash-and-grab, the best shopping center security include strategies and technologies that effectively address the issues.

As seen in the above video, Stealth Monitoring’s proactive remote video monitoring security solution, customized for shopping centers, stopped the theft of two bicycles from a shopping center’s property. Our High-definition video cameras with pre-programmed, advanced video analytics were installed to provide coverage of high-risk areas.

Our technology identified the activity of a suspicious individual approaching the shopping center during the night within a high-risk area of the property. A highly trained Stealth security operator immediately assessed the activity and took actions to deter the theft.

Security solutions that solely rely on motion detectors, while functional, alert any and all movement which could include something as innocent as a leaf blowing in the wind resulting in many unnecessary security alert notifications.

Our security solution works in real time to identify and catch events as they happen and distinguishes between that leaf blowing in the wind and an actual threat. Stealth’s highly trained security operators use audio warnings to alert trespassers or other suspicious individuals that they are being watched often sending them running from your property. Our operators will contact local police dispatch, call management, or execute any other pre-determined protocols to deter unwanted and criminal activity on your site.

Contact us today for more information about how our proactive security solution for shopping centers can help deter theft usually at a 25-60% more cost-effective way than traditional security solutions.

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