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Bicycling Trespasser Arrested for Accessing Cars

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Oct 22, 2021

In this month’s video, a trespasser on a bike was caught tampering with a dealership’s inventory.

A trained Stealth Monitoring security operator received an analytics alert on an individual riding a bicycle onto an automotive dealership’s property. The suspect rode a bit into the lot, dismounted and circled back toward the main building.

The subject then parked the bike in front of a vehicle and tried to gain access. As this was a violation of site protocols, the security operator engaged the subject. The perpetrator walked toward two other vehicles and was able to open one of them, then got inside. Our operator contacted police dispatch.

The trespasser then walked to another grouping of parked vehicles and entered two of them by opening the unlocked driver’s side door. Gaining access to the trunk of a vehicle, he rummaged through it and seemed to pull out some items before closing the trunk.

Now, with a yellow bag in hand, the trespasser continued walking through the lot. As he continued to roam, a police cruiser pulled into the dealership, drove around the lot and then exited as they searched for the individual.

Seeing the cruiser, the perpetrator quickly ran back to the bike and rode it down the sidewalk next to the dealership. The police cruiser chased the trespasser, and the officer was able to intercept him. Another police cruiser arrived as back up and the subject was arrested.

Protecting Your Valuable Inventory from Theft and Damage

The rise in auto and vehicle parts theft is causing concern for auto dealerships across North America. Millions of dollars in inventory sits out in the open, vulnerable to damage, theft, vandalism and other risks. While protecting your business is always a top priority, it is even more urgent today.

Stealth Monitoring uses solutions-driven technology to provide a proactive monitoring solution. We combine video analytics with trained security professionals to keep watch on your dealership when you’re not there. Cameras that are pre-programmed with advanced technology are placed strategically around your property. When the analytics detect something suspicious an alert is sent to a monitoring operator who can quickly react. They can activate speakers to audibly deter trespassers and warn they are being watched, as well as call to dispatch local law enforcement.

Our proactive security solution continues to record, even outside of the specified monitoring hours. We also offer a state-of-the-art Service Lane System that can record and document every vehicle that enters and exits your service lane. This can be especially helpful in mitigating fraudulent claims.

If you are interested in more information about our fully integrated, proactive security solution that can save you up to 60% on your security spend, contact us.