Car Dealership Hit by Stolen Vehicles and Tools in New York

Posted by Norm Charney on April 7, 2015

Police in Rochester, NY have been kept busy handling the aftermath of crime at a local car dealership. After seven vehicles were stolen from the business in June 2014, the same dealership sustained another break in February 2015. This included a Porsche, Hummer, and Honda vehicles. Inadequate measures of crime prevention are generating plenty of challenges for the crime victims and the police.

June 2014: Break in #1

Employees arriving for work at the Honda dealership discovered that the garage had been breached. Upon investigation, they discovered in the stolen vehicles that thieves took dealership laptops and shop tools. But that wasn't the worst of the damage. Seven cars were also missing, including a $64,000 Porsche and a Hummer.

Dealership employees combed the area and discovered some of the missing vehicles parked outside a Rochester hotel. Two men who were staying at that hotel observed the dealership employees' discovery of the stolen vehicles. Those same men exited the hotel from the back window of the room they had rented.

A K-9 police unit subsequently tracked the suspects but was unsuccessful. Only five of the seven stolen vehicles were recovered.

February 2015: Break in #2

Sometime between 1 p.m. Sunday February 22 and 5:45 a.m. Monday, February 23 the same dealership sustained a second break in. The stolen vehicles This incident resulted in the loss of $240 in cash and a loss of tools valued at about $3,000. There was no sign of forced entry into the building. There were signs that the interior doors were forced open which gave them access into the dealership offices.

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