Catch of the Month: Arrest of Construction Site Trespasser

Posted by Blake Mitchell on January 23, 2019

In this month’s featured video, a trespasser gets more than he bargained for when he walked onto a construction site.

Watch the Video: Arrest of Construction Site Trespasser

Not only can trespassing on a construction site lead to more serious crimes, it can be extremely dangerous

In this video, an individual was spotted trespassing on an Edmonton, Ontario construction site. Our trained Stealth Monitoring operator activated the on-site talk-down warning, but the suspect did not leave. Our operator then contacted the Edmonton police. Officers arrived, found the trespasser and made an arrest.

Construction sites are tempting places for trespassers. Whether they are thrill seekers or come to steal tools or equipment, intruders can cause serious problems. In some cases, construction companies can be liable if a trespasser gets injured on their property.

Construction Industry Trends for 2019

The construction industry is typically slow to adopt new technology. That, however, may change in 2019 due to several trends growing in popularity, including augmented reality, robotics, drones and building information modeling.

Augmented reality gives users the opportunity to visualize potential real-world structures with just a camera lens and advanced software. It can help contractors plan and project their ideas even before they break ground. Another trend for construction management to focus on in 2019 is the use of robotics and drones. Earlier this year, a robot laid bricks at a site in Alabama, eliminating much of the leg work and manual strain from the tedious task.

Some construction sites have begun to use drones in every phase of a project. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used to survey an entire area in just a few minutes, inspect the progress of a project, as well as collect data. Click here to read the full article.

How Big Data Can Revolutionize the Construction Industry

Big data describes the large amount of information flooding companies every day, as well as the powerful computing systems needed to process it. As technology evolves, organizations can collect, analyze and process larger amounts of data to gain more accurate insights.

The use of big data is particularly beneficial to construction companies, whose resources and workloads generate high volumes of data, from plans, change orders, labor hours and equipment operating hours, to materials, production progress and idle times. Data can be used to streamline operations. In the past, information would be collected, usually on paper, and filed away after the project was completed. Today, with the advent of smartphones, GPS systems and drones, construction companies can hold onto the data and use it to predict outcomes on future projects. Click here to read the full article.

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