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Property Damage and Liability at Multifamily Properties

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 11, 2018

The April Catch of The Month Apartment edition focuses on property damage and liability at residential communities. This newsletter highlights an incident of a car smashing into a parking gate, the benefits of video monitoring for a multifamily apartment complex, and what impact security guard liability can have on retention rates and reputation.

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Property Damage and Liability Article Previews

Woman Smashes into Apartment Access Gate

A woman causes property damage when she crashes her car into an access control gate at a Houston multifamily apartment complex. During incidents like this, Stealth can provide video evidence to help combat liability claims and assist with investigation requests.

How Can Apartment Surveillance Impact Apartment Liability?

Apartment managers have an obligation to help prevent injuries on their property. This includes maintaining common areas and keeping residents alerted to any hidden dangers. In some cases, landlords can be held responsible for injuries. Stealth Monitoring’s apartment surveillance systems can help fight and decrease liability claims.

Can Security Guard Liability Impact Your Reputation and Retention Rates?

There has been negative press surrounding security guard liability. One report examined a security guard company that was charged with almost 30 lawsuits for excessive force and illegal search and seizures. An inefficient security guard service can cause serious problems for the community and property management. Live video monitoring is often a more effective and less expensive security alternative.

Philadelphia Apartment Security Can Help Decrease Property Damage

Apartment communities face many security concerns including vandalism, theft and arson. In Philadelphia, someone set a series of fires at a high-rise residential apartment complex. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Stealth Monitoring’s apartment video security service can help maintain a safe environment for tenants by watching strategically-placed indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate a speaker warning and call local police.