Auto Dealership Trespasser Caught Trying to Access Vehicles

Posted by Jeff Purtell on September 24, 2021

Automotive dealerships need an effective security solution to help detect and deter unauthorized activity from damaging the expensive inventory that sits outside on their lots.

Arrest of Trespassers at Scrap Facility

Posted by Daniel Capri on September 24, 2021

Scrap metal businesses are very tempting for people looking for discarded materials. However, their often large, open areas filled with high-dollar materials, can present security challenges.

Effective Cannabis Security Solution

Posted by Mark Mariotti on September 22, 2021

As more states legalize cannabis, the faster the industry is growing and developing. This means a greater need for security solutions to protect and deter crime and unwanted behaviors at and around retail dispensaries, wholesale distributors and cannabis-specific farms. The…

Suspicious Trespassing Activity on Construction Site Leads to Arrest

Posted by Louis-Phillippe Renaud on September 21, 2021

Idle construction sites can be very alluring. They tempt trespassers for a variety of reasons. Whether someone is looking to steal materials or it’s a group of daredevils seeking out fun, when unwanted visitors enter a construction site, they can cause significant damage.

Couple Arrested after Accessing Vehicles in Multifamily Parking Lot

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on September 20, 2021

Car prowls are crimes of opportunity. Thieves scour parking lots and garages for unlocked vehicles, looking for anything they can quickly take. These crimes can often lead to more egregious acts including identify theft and even stolen vehicles.

Trespasser Arrested After Breaking into Construction Storage Shed

Posted by Arun Mankotia on September 17, 2021

In September’s Construction Arrest of the Month Video, an individual gained access to an active construction site and rummaged through various piles of materials, broke into a shed and then attempted to escape by climbing over the perimeter fencing. Watch how our remote security…

Trespasser Arrested After Piggybacking into an Apartment Building

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on September 17, 2021

Multifamily property owners and managers are facing a growing issue with transients. Allowing loiterers of any kind to remain on your property can have undesirable effects on your community, including vandalism, break-ins, damage and theft. Not to mention, your residents could…

Armed Individual Arrested at Multifamily Community Before Causing Harm

Posted by Tammy Miller on September 17, 2021

The residents and staff at your multifamily communities expect there to be a certain level of security and safety. When someone threatens that safety, if can impact your vacancy rates, reputation and ultimately your net operating income.