Catch of the Month

Trio of Trespassers Tracked Down

Posted by Eric Nauta on June 18, 2019

Property managers are responsible for making sure their apartment buildings are free from criminal activity. Whether it’s theft, vandalism, illegal drugs or even maintenance repairs, residents’ safety concerns can affect rental rates and market value.

Construction Trespasser Caught by A K9

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on June 18, 2019

A perimeter fence is a good first line of defense for a construction site, but it isn’t always effective on its own.

Shopping Center Trespasser: Fire Starter Is Stopped

Posted by Rick Charney on June 18, 2019

Shopping center managers and property owners have an obligation to provide a safe environment for their retailers and shoppers.

Shopping Center Drug Bust

Posted by Rick Charney on May 21, 2019

Commercial properties that are not monitored can be vulnerable to criminal activity like loitering, drug use, vandalism, break-ins and theft. In this video, a group of individuals was loitering at a California shopping center. One of them was seen injecting his right arm with…

Clean Up of Drug Use in Laundry Room

Posted by Eric Nauta on May 21, 2019

One of the more destructive actions that can damage an apartment building’s reputation is the illegal possession and distribution of drugs.

Townhouse Trespasser Taken Into Custody

Posted by Paul Gross on May 21, 2019

An unsecured construction site can be an invitation for trespassers, vandals and thieves. Around 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, our trained monitoring operator spotted an individual trying to gain access to a townhouse unit under construction in Washington state. Not having any…

Car Thief Arrested at Auto Dealership

Posted by Norm Charney on April 16, 2019

Car lots can make ideal backdrops for criminal mischief, providing ample spots for thieves to hide. A Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted an individual moving between cars and searching through a vehicle at a Beaumont, Texas automobile complex around 1:00 in the…

Arrest of Suspect at Seattle Construction Site

Posted by Steve Mansell on April 16, 2019

Construction sites can be easy targets for criminals, mainly because many of them lack proper security. Around 2:40 a.m., an individual was seen entering a Seattle construction site by squeezing through an opening in the fence. Our security operator contacted police and gave the…