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Suspect Tries to Run from Police at Dealership

Posted by Jeff Purtell on July 23, 2021

For some, vehicle dealerships present a vast number of opportunities to commit a crime – from theft to vandalism to trespassing and loitering. Dealerships typically stock a variety of vehicles outside for public display that can tempt individuals. Live video monitoring is an…

Drug Activity in Apartment Laundry Room Ends in Real-Time Police Arrest

Posted by Jamie Lynch on July 22, 2021

True protection of multifamily residential housing goes beyond just installing video surveillance cameras. Security cameras keep an eye on the spaces they are positioned to “see,” however, if trained professionals are not watching on the other end, security becomes reactive…

Trespasser Breaking and Entering Hindered with Live Video Monitoring

Posted by Rick Charney on July 21, 2021

Shopping centers present exclusive security and safety-related challenges. Each center needs to be assessed in terms of past property damage, demographics, foot traffic, location and more. Once that knowledge is gained, consideration should be given to coverage areas. This…

Repeat Mail Thief Caught Red Handed

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on July 19, 2021

In the dark of night, trespassers, loiters and thieves can attempt to access multifamily residential properties. Planning the placement of video surveillance cameras to record activity in high-target areas, such as the mail center and security cages, can help deter loitering,…

Parking Garage Altercation Leads to Arrest

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on July 9, 2021

Based on data collected from the FBI in 2019, the most recent year in which numbers are available, parking garages are the third most common place for assaults, abductions and homicides. The FBI considers parking garages to be “among the most dangerous” places.

Luxury Cars Stolen from New Jersey Car Dealership

Posted by Jeff Purtell on July 8, 2021

It was the night of May 17, 2021, when security cameras gleaned footage of brazen crooks who stole eight high-end, luxury vehicles from a Township of Irvington, New Jersey car dealership. After cutting the lock on the metal gate leading into the dealership with what appears to…

Snooping Parking Garage Loiterer Taken into Custody

Posted by Eric Nauta on July 7, 2021

Multifamily apartment complexes tend to encounter security issues such as theft, vehicle damage and break-ins, and more. This can cause residents and staff to feel unsecure and unsafe. What starts as loitering can lead to more serious crimes and incidents.

Teen Trespassers Corralled by Police and On-Site Guard

Posted by Sean Murphy on July 6, 2021

Fences, gates and lighting can all act as a layer of security to industrial properties. It’s when trespassers get beyond these layers or think that illuminating their malicious activities doesn’t matter that live video monitoring picks up the slack. Such was the case when a…