Security Tips

How to Keep Construction Workers Safe in the Pandemic

Posted by Paul Gross on November 13, 2020

The construction industry has a lot to contend with in protecting construction workers. The pandemic has only exacerbated this. A new report from The University of Texas at Austin titled "COVID-19 in Austin, Texas: Epidemiological Assessment of Construction Work" provides…

4 Ways to Avert Crime at Your Apartment Building

Posted by Shawna Ivy on November 12, 2020

Apartment building security must be a high priority on an apartment property management's list. And here's why: Apartments and condos have an 85 percent greater chance of being burglarized than single-family homes according to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). It…

Keeping Your Warehouse Safe in an Emergency

Posted by Sean Murphy on October 1, 2020

Disasters are typically unexpected. Earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and even a global pandemic can be devasting to a warehouse. Loss of inventory, damage to property and work disruptions are not only costly, they can ruin your reputation, which can have lasting…

Bicycle Thief Arrested

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on July 17, 2020

Is this an issue at your property?

How to Safely Reopen A Construction Site After COVID-19

Posted by Kirk Biddle on July 2, 2020

Jobsite safety has always been a major objective on construction sites. Since the onset of COVID-19, that concern has become even more heightened, especially as sites begin to reopen. A recent study commissioned by Steve Adler, the mayor of Austin, Texas, found that if jobsites…

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Supply Chain Theft?

Posted by Sean Murphy on June 25, 2020

In the first quarter of 2019, there was relatively little change in the number of supply chain thefts compared to 2018. There were 132 in 2018 and 131 in 2019. Fast forward to 2020, a year completely disrupted by the COVID-19 global pandemic, and that number jumps over 50…

4 Tips to Help Reopen Your Retail Center

Posted by Rick Charney on May 18, 2020

At the onset of the coronavirus, the economy shut down almost immediately. Millions lost their jobs. Many businesses closed their doors indefinitely. For weeks public health officials and politicians have been debating on when and how businesses can reopen. While timing seems to…

What You Need to Do to Secure Your Multifamily Construction Project

Posted by Pearson Brock on April 24, 2020

The next time you prepare to start a multifamily construction project, how will you secure the building? Do you have a process in place for integrating security, or do you leave it up to the client to add it to their requirements? Maybe it’s resolved later after the project is…