Video Monitoring

Construction Site Cameras Result in Police Arrest

Posted by Amy Hite on August 10, 2017

Stealth Monitoring construction site cameras can help reduce materials theft. A trained video surveillance monitor can activate an on-site speaker to deter criminal activity. If the situation escalates, a security operator can call an on-site security guard, local police, EMS,…

Outdoor Asset Security for Commercial Properties

Posted by Amy Hite on August 9, 2017

Outdoor asset security is important for protection from vandalism and theft threats. Outdoor assets that need protection include HVAC units, cars, trucks, and vans, shipping containers, warehouse and construction equipment, and inventory. How can I increase my outdoor asset…

Shopping Center Security - Barbershop Owner Tackles Thief

Posted by Rick Charney on August 8, 2017

A Stealth client expressed his satisfaction with his customized shopping center security system. Michael Zimmerman is the owner of Green Earth Realty. This commercial real estate company owns, leases, and manages shopping centers in Texas. He narrates the shopping center…

Car Dealership Surveillance System Leads to Police to Suspects

Posted by Norm Charney on August 7, 2017

A car dealership surveillance system can help protect your outdoor assets, office spaces, service centers, and automobiles after the auto dealership closes for the night. One client benefited from their customized car dealership security system. Two armed suspects entered the…

Construction Site Security Monitors Lead Police to Risky Trespasser

Posted by Steve Mansell on August 1, 2017

Stealth's construction site security system can help deter criminal activity and risky behavior. An unauthorized person at a construction site could cause a series of problems such as vandalism, construction supplies theft, or cause harm onto workers or himself. Arrest of the…

Construction Site Trespasser Arrested

Posted by Amy Hite on July 31, 2017

A construction site trespasser could create a variety of problems. He could potentially vandalize or steal construction equipment, construction supplies, and tools. In some cases a trespasser could cause harm to construction workers or himself. Construction Site Trespasser…

Construction Surveillance Catches Fence Jumping Burglar at Client's Site

Posted by Steve Mansell on July 27, 2017

A Stealth Monitoring client benefited from their construction surveillance system.

Industrial Security System Assists Fort Worth Police in Arrest

Posted by Sean Murphy on July 20, 2017

An industrial security system can help protect your warehouse and outdoor assets from would-be thieves and vandals. One morning, a Stealth client experienced its benefits firsthand. A trespasser attempted to steal metal parts and was arrested by Fort Worth Police. The Forklift…