Video Security Systems

Bicycling Trespasser Arrested for Accessing Cars

Posted by Jeff Purtell on October 22, 2021

In this month’s video, a trespasser on a bike was caught tampering with a dealership’s inventory.

Arrest of Armed Intoxicated Man in Office Parking Garage

Posted by Eric Nauta on October 22, 2021

In this month’s video, a Stealth Monitoring operator used the onsite speaker warning several times to try to deter an individual from a parking structure. The individual seemed to be dancing and acting erratic. At one point, it looked like the individual pulled out a gun. When…

Nefarious Activity in Office Building Parking Lots

Posted by David Charney on October 22, 2021

Many unwanted incidents and crimes that take place in office building parking lots and garages tend to occur after hours and/or at night. Because of this, property owners, landlords and managers may not know anything out-of-the-ordinary or sinister took place. In these videos…

Construction Trespasser Arrested after Trying to Steal Lumber

Posted by Louis-Phillippe Renaud on October 22, 2021

Construction sites are prominent and filled with valuable tools, equipment and supplies that serve as “eye-candy” to people. For trespassers, thieves and vandals, construction sites provide a supply of hot commodity items to destroy or steal and resell for the highest price in…

What Can You Do About the Growing Problem of Construction Theft?

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on October 21, 2021

Early 2020 saw the construction industry hit one of the lowest rates of activities in years. It then came roaring back to see unprecedented growth by 5.2 percent in 2021 according to GlobalData as reported in CONTRACTOR Magazine. Now it's starting to show signs of decline as…

Police Chase Down Bicycle Rider Trespassing at Auto Dealership

Posted by Jeff Purtell on October 20, 2021

Vehicle-related crimes on auto dealership lots – such as vandalism of vehicles; gaining unauthorized entry into vehicles; theft of wheels and tires or catalytic converters – damage more than just inventory. A dealership’s reputation can decline or be impacted, and customers may…

Intoxicated Individual Acting Strangely at Multifamily Community Entryway

Posted by Tammy Miller on October 19, 2021

Public intoxication on a multifamily community’s property not only causes annoyances for other residents and employees but can lead to dangerous situations. Intoxicated individuals have altered their brain with some type of substance. This can cause abnormal thinking and…

Did You Know This Has an Important Role in Dealership Security?

Posted by Jeff Purtell on October 18, 2021

As you probably know, identity theft is a big problem in the automotive industry. According to FTC's Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2018, there have been almost 19,000 reports of auto loan and lease identity theft in 2018. This is an almost 90-percent increase from the year…