Video Security Systems

What Does the Rising Cost of Construction Materials Mean for the Industry?

Posted by Kirk Biddle on May 14, 2021

The construction industry has been fortunate that it hasn't been affected by the pandemic as much as in other industries. Construction employment and new construction starts certainly were impacted, but the industry has been fortunate to see the demand for new single family…

What's Important to Know About Access Control Systems?

Posted by Shawna Ivy on May 14, 2021

The pandemic has had a great effect on security as companies switched to remote work. As a result, all predictions on the future of access control systems went out the window. The changes from pandemic pivoting have driven access control to shift to mobile and butt-based…

Attempted Theft from Laundry and Mail Rooms

Posted by Tammy Miller on May 14, 2021

In this month’s video, a suspect wielding a screwdriver attempted to break into laundry machines and mailboxes. Thanks to the quick action of a Stealth Monitoring security operator, there was no clean getaway for him.

Tire Thief Rolls into Police Custody

Posted by Eric Nauta on May 14, 2021

In this month’s video, two people were caught trying to steal tires from vehicles in a car lot.

Materials Thief Tries to Elude Police

Posted by Marcos Pachalian on May 14, 2021

In this month’s video, a person snuck into a construction site and tried to steal valuable materials. He left in a police car…without the materials.

What's the Future of the Automotive Industry?

Posted by Jeff Purtell on May 13, 2021

Dealership leaders could not have predicted what the future of the automotive industry was going to look like prior to 2020. It's been an unprecedented year to be sure, as obviously no one could have been prepared for a pandemic. After all, the last pandemic occurred a century…

How Can Automation and Robotics Help Construction?

Posted by Paul Gross on April 29, 2021

"The construction industry is ripe for disruption," writes Rajat Agarwal, Shankar Chandrasekaran, and Mukund Sridhar in Imagining Construction's Digital Future. "Large projects across asset classes typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80…

9 Physical Security Tips You Need for Your Organization

Posted by Matthew Clark on April 22, 2021

With all the companies making the news because of cyber-attacks and hacks, many organizations have channeled all their security energies into cybersecurity. While it's critical to protect customer and company data, it's also equally important to protect an organization's…