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Caught in the Act: Dealership Trespasser Breaks into Vehicle

Posted by Shannaa Bradley on May 18, 2023

After hours can be a tricky time for security at auto dealerships. While one person wandering a lot after close of business for the day may simply be browsing the available inventory because they’re interested in making a purchase and want to check things out alone, another may be looking for open vehicles to burglarize, or working with others to steal vehicles from the lot. 

Effective security can help determine whether there is cause for alarm and respond quickly if someone appears to have a nefarious purpose. Check out what happened when an intruder chose a Virginia dealership to steal from, unaware of Stealth operators observing him in action. 

Stealth security professionals monitoring a Virginia automotive dealership after hours were alerted to someone arriving at the property on foot, and in a restricted area. The observing operator activated onsite warning speakers, but the intruder ignored them, continuing to pull on doors and tailgates of vehicles on the property. Stealth operators contacted local law enforcement to advise them of the situation. The suspect then successfully entered a vehicle, and presumably attempted to start it, as the lights of the vehicle can be seen flashing while the suspect is inside. Police officers arrived on scene quickly, while the suspect was still inside the vehicle. He was discovered with tools on hand, and the ignition showed signs of tampering. Officers pulled the individual out of the vehicle and placed him under arrest for attempted theft.  

Proactive Security Measures Can Help Stop and Deter Theft and Other Crimes at Your Dealership 

Determining whether someone is on your lot to browse or burglarize takes more subtlety than a typical security system can provide. Some systems have alarms that are activated regardless of intent and can scare off buyers or frustrate local law enforcement with false alarm calls.  

Stealth’s proactive live video monitoring solution helps eliminate these issues using a combination of technology and human intelligence. Our analytics-based cameras are strategically placed throughout your property to monitor key areas- entrances, exits, service lanes, and more- and are designed to recognize activity, not just movement. When activity is recognized, it’s flagged for review by our highly trained security professionals at a remote monitoring center, where they can determine if the activity requires intervention. 

A person innocently browsing your lot’s inventory is left undisturbed, while a suspect pulling on door handles can be warned away with onsite speakers, letting them know they’re being watched. And when you’re faced with a case like the one above, where the warnings go unheeded- our operators can contact local police dispatch with real-time details about suspicious activity as it happens. 

The ability to provide police with live descriptions of suspects, locations, and activity means our call priority is typically elevated and police response times shortened. Officers know this isn’t a false alarm call- and they can often arrive on time to make an arrest while the suspect remains in the area. 

Interested in learning more about how our customizable, innovating security solution can help improve outcomes and save you up to 60% versus the cost of traditional guards? Contact us today and speak with an automotive dealership security specialist for your free quote. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.