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Chicago-Area Security Guard Killed by Responding Officers

Posted by Rick Charney on Nov 21, 2018

Many bars and clubs hire security guards to supervise the door, protect employees and valuable assets, manage crowd control, as well as handle other security-related duties. Because of the often-risky nature of their jobs, guards face hazards that differ from other workers.

In a recent incident at a Chicago-area bar, a black security guard was shot dead by police as he held down an armed suspect who had opened fire inside the establishment. According to eyewitness testimony, the security guard told a group of inebriated men to leave the premises. Soon after, one of the men exited the building and returned with a pistol, firing multiple shots into the tavern. The on-duty security guard apprehended the suspect and requested additional help from the police. When the officers arrived, the guard had the suspect on the ground, then was fatally shot by one of the officers.

While the job of a security guard is to help a business, there are limitations and liabilities involved with the position. Fortunately, there is very little a security guard can do that proactive video monitoring can’t. A remote video monitoring solution combines state-of-the-art video analytics and human intelligence to identify and deter crime before it happens. Trained security operators watch cameras in real time to make judgements and respond immediately, just as a guard would. The video monitoring technology allows operators to cover multiple areas and view them at the same time, which can be a cost savings for many businesses.

In addition to live monitoring, a remote video security solution provides the added benefit of a video review service. Cameras will continue to record activities even if they aren’t being watched live. Experienced analysts can study footage and data to look for specific incidents and efficiently respond to investigation requests.

Stealth Monitoring offers proactive video security services for Chicago, Illinois, its surrounding suburbs and other cities across the United States and Canada to deter criminal activity before or as it happens.

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