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Construction Crane Climbing Duo Arrested

Posted by Arun Mankotia on Dec 9, 2021

Crane climbing has been a problem for construction companies for a long time. With the growing popularity of social media sites, the issue is only getting worse. These crane climbers not only put themselves in danger, but they can also threaten the construction project. In this video, we caught a dynamic duo trying to impress a group of party goers. Surely their trip to jail made quite an impression.

On a Sunday night after dark, two individuals were seen by a Stealth Monitoring security professional climbing over the fence around a construction site. The site was located directly across from a residential property where a large group was gathering.

The trespassers descended a ramp to go further into the site. They headed for one of the stationary cranes and quickly climbed to the top, where they remained.

Our monitoring operator immediately contacted local authorities and informed them of the situation, as well as the suspects’ whereabouts. Within minutes, police officers and EMS arrived at the site. The first responders descended some scaffolding and made their way toward the crane.

Officers instructed the trespassers to exit the equipment. Once they were back on the ground, the entire crew traversed the site and headed to the scaffolding. They returned to the street level where the suspects were promptly arrested.

Curb Crane Climbers with Remote Video Monitoring

Whether it’s for an adrenaline rush or an attention-grabbing selfie, crane climbers pose a risk to themselves, site workers, the public, expensive equipment and a project’s timeline. There’s no question this dangerous activity needs to be addressed.

Keeping watchful eyes on your construction site is one of the best ways to do that. Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution combines advanced technology with trained security professionals. These operators monitor analytics-based cameras in real time to help catch crimes in progress. If they see something suspicious, such as someone trespassing on a construction site, they can take immediate action.

When police receive a call from us, they know we are watching a live incident. Because that incident is video verified, their response level tends to be faster than with traditional alarms, thus resulting in more arrests.

If you have any security issues at your sites and would like more information about our proactive remote video monitoring solution, contact us.