Construction Robbery Leads to Worker’s Death

Posted by Steve Mansell on March 9, 2018

Construction robbery is not limited to equipment and materials. Workers’ personal items are also targets for persistent criminals.

Recently, three armed construction robbery incidents occurred at construction sites in the same block in Northeast Washington. At the time this article was written, local authorities had not made an arrest nor located any of the suspects.

Due to the string of robberies, police issued safety tips to construction workers, like avoid working outside alone and keep valuables locked up and hidden away from view.

The first construction robbery took place at a house under construction. Around 11:30 a.m., local police received a report that three men walked up to a construction site and held a gun to a worker's back. They ordered the victim to call down the other construction worker from the roof. The thieves robbed them of their credit cards and $600.

Minutes later, the gunmen ran to another construction site around the block, where they robbed four workers who were on a break from renovating a church. The suspects went through the victims' pockets and stole money and wallets. One of the gunmen fired a shot at the workers, then ran off. No one was hit.

While local authorities were interviewing the workers at the church property, they received another call about a construction site robbery. By the time officers arrived, the suspects had already left. Like the other cases, the gunmen stole cash and bank cards from three construction workers.

Weeks before this string of construction robbery incidents, a worker was fatally shot during an armed robbery at house he was renovating. A 14-year-old boy was charged as a juvenile with first-degree murder.

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