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Construction Site Trespasser Fell into a 65-Foot Hole

Posted by Ryan Cox on May 2, 2019

Construction sites can be intriguing places, but they pose a big safety risk. Unauthorized visitors can cause serious problems to the project or even themselves. A Montreal construction site was the scene of rescue operation on a recent Wednesday morning.

A man scaled the fence at a downtown condo that was under construction. He fell 20 meters (over 65 feet) into a hole. Firefighters had to lift the individual
out of the hole using pulleys. He suffered injuries to his legs and pelvis.

Injury and Liability

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, falls are the number one cause of fatal injuries in construction. Construction sites are dangerous enough for the workers who are supposed to be there. When unauthorized visitors enter, the risk factors escalate since they can be unaware of any potential dangers.

It is the responsibility of the construction company to prevent outsiders from getting injured. The onus also lies with the company to prove they implemented all the proper measures to ensure safety and compliance. In the incident mentioned above, how can investigators prove the intruder really scaled the fence and didn’t enter the site through a gate that was inadvertently left open?

Effective Security Measures

Installing a perimeter fence is an easy, generally low-cost option, to help keep trespassers out of a construction site. However, without a supplemental security measure like live video monitoring, a fence probably isn’t enough to fully deter determined criminals.

Live video monitoring is quickly becoming an integral part of the construction industry. This proactive solution involves installing cameras around the site that are viewed remotely from a centralized monitoring station. Because trained operators are watching a live feed, they can see unusual activity and take immediate action.

Construction sites can sometimes be an environment exposed to danger and hazard, often leading to fatalities and site closures. Without a reliable security solution installed at the beginning of a project, an organization’s critical resources and assets are more likely to be vulnerable.

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