Construction Thief Arrested for Stealing Supplies from Storage Trailer

Posted by Paul Gross on June 17, 2021

In this month’s video, we zoomed in on a trespasser trying to steal items from a construction storage trailer.

Arrest of the Month: Construction Thief Arrested for Stealing Supplies from Storage Trailer

An individual was seen entering a construction site by squeezing through a gate. The suspect proceeded towards a storage trailer on the site. Using a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, one of our Stealth Monitoring security operators was able to follow and pinpoint his movements. Our operator contacted local police while the suspect removed items from the trailer.

Responding officers arrived soon after and found the suspect in the exact location our operator had told them he would be. The trespasser was handcuffed, arrested and escorted from the site.

Help Protect Your Valuable Building Materials and Equipment

As the cost of building materials continues to rise, construction sites are becoming an even bigger target for thieves. The expense to contractors and business owners not only comes from the cost of replacing the lost materials, but it also comes from the time it takes to resource and repurchase those materials, any project delays and the potential for higher insurance premiums.

The right security solution can help ensure everything on your construction site is well protected. Remote video monitoring works in real time to help catch events in progress. Using a combination of human intelligence and video analytics, we watch when there is activity, not just motion.

Trained security operators get alerts from analytics-based cameras whenever something outside of the programmed parameters occurs. They can quickly assess the situation and take action.

Our solution comes with the added benefit of recording and archiving site activities around the clock. Additionally, our video review team can pore through the footage from all relevant cameras and provide you, police and insurance companies with video evidence of any incident.

If you would like more information about remote video monitoring for your next project, contact us.

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