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Construction Trespasser Arrested After Trying to Hide from Police

Posted by Hugh Wong on Aug 20, 2021

In this month’s video, we spotted a trespasser on a Toronto construction site playing a game of hide and seek with police. Guess who won?

Around 2:45 one morning, an individual forced his way into a Toronto construction site. The trespasser walked beside several stacks of materials, then continued roaming around the site suspiciously. One of our trained Stealth security professionals was watching the activity and called to dispatch local police. Our operator also gave the dispatcher details about the suspect’s location.

One of the biggest concerns with the rising cost of materials is the increase in theft. When items are stolen from a construction site, it could delay the project. Depending on how long it takes to replace them, that delay could be months rather than days or weeks.

When responding officers arrived outside the site, the trespasser noticed and attempted to hide. Police entered the site by climbing over the perimeter fence. They quickly located the suspect and placed him under arrest.

Help Protect Your Valuable Materials from Theft

When materials are stolen from a project it takes time to replace them. Because of recent supply chain issues which have caused shortages of supplies, the lead times are getting longer. These big delays can cost companies big money. That makes protecting your assets even more crucial.

Remote video monitoring can keep a watchful eye on your construction site. Trained security professionals monitor analytics-based surveillance cameras that are strategically placed around the site. If something happens that is outside of the pre-programmed parameters, the operator will get an alert and can quickly assess the situation. In the case of this video, our operator called local police as soon as the trespasser was spotted.

In many situations, police will arrive while the suspects are still at or near the scene. This has definitely proven successful in mitigating loss, damage and liability.

If you would like more information about a proactive security solution for your construction site, contact us.