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Construction Trespasser Arrested Trying to Steal Materials

Posted by Paul Gross on Sep 7, 2021

Smaller tools used on construction sites, such as hammers, saws, screwdrivers, wrenches and the like, are a gold mine for some thieves. Each are frequently left lying around in plain site on active construction sites, so they are easy to find and collect.

These tools are also easy to transport and resell. Although missing a hammer or a couple of wrenches here or there won’t initially cause financial loss, over time, loss of multiple tools adds up.

During daylight hours, a trained Stealth security operator noticed an individual breach the chain link fencing boundary around an active construction site. A topless male carried a black shirt in his left hand as he walked toward the building under construction and out of camera viewing range. He eventually returned into camera view and our operator saw the individual now wearing a black tank top. He carried what appeared to be a cardboard box of unidentified materials. Our operator contacted local police and continued to watch the trespasser.

He returned to the chain link fence that he had previously breached and attempted to exit the construction site, but he was unsuccessful. He carried the box to a different part of the chain link fence and navigated his way out of the site.

While this was taking place, our operator was communicating with police dispatch. Officers were informed of the suspect’s last known location. When they arrived within the vicinity of the active construction site, they intercepted the suspect. The trespasser was arrested and escorted away from the site.

Video Monitoring Is Financially Valuable and Highly Effective for Construction Sites

Perimeter fencing around an active construction site is a smart layer of security to help protect the site, equipment, tools and supplies from potential trespassers, theft, damage and various liabilities. Fences act as barriers to keep crafty people out. If no one is monitoring the fence or the surrounding area, though, it would be unknown if anyone attempted to climb over, go under, cut the fencing or gained access.

Additionally, trespassers and thieves are adept at various methods of foolery. As seen in the above video, the individual entered the site without a shirt but exited with one. This can be used as a tactic to try to convince authorities that it was a different person and not the individual in question.

Video monitoring is one of the most important features to add to perimeter fencing around construction sites. Construction sites are continuously developing. New supplies and tools are being added and taken away from sites and criminals often case sites to monitor activity and make plans to attempt theft or other activities. Also, as the building of the structures progress, new hiding places can present themselves.

Stealth monitoring operators are trained and highly skilled in observation techniques and knowing the exact moment to take responsive, effective action as it is needed. Using a combination of video analytics and human intelligence, our operators watch your site usually at a 25% to 60% more cost-effective rate than traditional security guards. Our high-definition cameras are pre-programmed with advanced video analytics. Technology filters video streams to detect certain activities without human intervention. As soon as an activity is detected that needs human interaction to analyze and determine next steps, our monitoring operators are alerted, and they take over the situation.

Contact us today and learn how our trained monitoring operators can follow your specific protocols and act in appropriate ways that can stop or deter crime on your construction site.